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27-Apr-2009 - Chinese Fake-away!

We have all seen fake products where the fakers have not quite got it right.
It may be so good that we know that there is something not quite right, but we can't quite put our finger on it.
There are others that are just so blatantly wrong that we just crease with laughter, such as this one below!

you don't need to be a fashionista to tell that this is not right!

Then there are the products that work in one country but are lost in translation such as "Bimbo" bread in Portugal or the store also in Portugal called "Athletes Foot" which sells all different kinds of trainers ... I nearly wet myself the first time I saw that one!
However, out of all the fake products that I have seen this one from China reigns No 1 for me.
I just love this one:

just so wrong ... but so right! Brilliant

Never one to turn down a good old bit of S & M this just fantastic!
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They have porn to suit whatever your mood or inclination and it is all guaranteed to be female friendly ... how do they do that?
Easy, because they are all women putting the site together so if they don't find it sexy it doesn't make the site!
As they say:

Here at we know what truly
ignites the female senses.

How do we know?

Because we are women...

We are women writing the articles, taking the photos, telling the stories and exploring the depth of female sexuality.Everything we share with you from our videos and photos to our novels and advice, we share from our own experience, satisfaction and sometimes, our dissatisfaction.

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24-Apr-2009 - Is An Orgasm Vital For Good Sex?

Posted in Hot Couples
Does the media give us false expectations of sex?
Are we all driven to strive for the impossible dream of a mega exciting sex life where we have a mind blowing orgasm each and every time we have sex that exists only in the movies, American soap operas and the minds of the editors of Cosmo ?
I have to admit that I have noticed when I visit various message boards that young women today seem totally obsessed with having orgasm's.
When I was a teenager and then a young woman I wasn't bothered whether I had an orgasm or not as long as I was enjoying the sex.
I didn't have my first mind blowing, "oh my gawd" orgasm until I was in my mid-thirties so I, personally, think that far too much importance is put on the female orgasm.
Speaking personally I can really enjoy making love, having that one to one connection with my special person without having an orgasm, if it happens it happens and that is an extra bonus for me.
Surely making love or sex is all about sharing an experience with another person, taking pleasure in giving pleasure, not just striving for that selfish fulfilment.
If I want/need an orgasm I use my vibrator I don't need anyone else.
Or is that just me?
My husband seems to think that is vital for a woman to have an orgasm to enjoy sex, but I disagree with him.
There again I guess most men feel the same as he does which is why women so quickly become so good at faking it.
Is this blog party to the idea that we all should be at "It" like rabbits or there is something wrong with us ... I hope not!
What I hope is that this blog provides ideas for a good, fun and healthy sex life with no pressure.
That the porn it provides is a stimulus towards having a great time, in your own time and enjoying it.
That said here are some great porn videos from

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19-Apr-2009 - Racism In Porn

Posted in Hot Couples
If there is one place that racism is alive and thriving it is the porn industry.
You only need to have a quick look around the industry to find such hideous site titles as "Pimp My Black Teen" & "Wife Wants Black Cock"
Why in 2009 do some people still find such things acceptable?
I guess that while ever there is an uneducated, racist boor to buy such things they will continue to be produced.
There is, however, a growing backlash against such products and some people are taking it into their hands to give that backlash some teeth by producing their own material and marketing it in a manner of which they approve.
More and more actors and actresses within the adult industry are no longer prepared to work with companies who produce racist material.
While there is nothing wrong with fantasies, and if you, like me, are a white woman who has a fantasy of sex with a black man then go with it.
We all know that fantasies are not always "politically correct" but they are fantasies nothing more.
What is wrong is when that fantasy is portrayed by the porn industry in a tasteless and racist manner eg: this little white ho just can't enough of his huge ni***r cock.
Karen from For The Girls is the first to admit that there is very little content on the site featuring black couples:
"I’ve said before that For The Girls is unfortunately skewed towards a white audience; our photos and movies invariably feature white actors. This is because it’s damned near impossible to find acceptable content featuring black couples making love. Instead we’re invariably confronted by the standard “booty” / “ho” / “brother”/ “pimp” stuff that I just find offensive."
When they do find content they don't find offensive then they use it, and they use it well.
The couples you will find within For The Girls are passionate loving couples who are enjoying each other, whether they be white, black, yellow or bright pink with blue spots.

Click now to enjoy this great free site from For The Girls

click the picture to enjoy this great free site

I really like that picture! why? I love the expression on her face so naughty and teasing.
Women have a voice in the porn industry because we have disposable income of our own ... even with the recession.
That money gives us power ... power to vote with our money and refuse to buy porn from studios who promote racism, degradation of women or anything else we find offensive.
We have a right to enjoy our porn as we choose.
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18-Apr-2009 - Get A Room

This is definitely a case of ‘get a room’ as lovers Donna and Billy get down and dirty in a restaurant booth. Lucky for Donna she always carries her vibrator in her handbag.

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15-Apr-2009 - Sex With That Added Edge

Posted in Hot Couples
There can few people who have not had sex in the car at one point or another in their life.
I mean I know people who were conceived on the back seat of a car!
Some of us may even have been naughty enough to have indulged in some naughty masturbation or even a blow job while driving.
However, that was no way naughty enough for one Norwegian couple.
No! They were having full on sex while driving on the motorway at 20mph over the speed limit!
The couple came to the attention of the police as the car was swerving all over the road, and the officers couldn't believe what they were seeing when they realised that his girlfriend was sitting on his lap doing the deed.
However, they filmed the high speed romp for evidence before pulling the couple over.
I wonder just how many copies of that piece of evidence have been made?

Superintendent Tor Stein Hagen, of Soendre Buskerud Police, said: "Why they did it on a highway with such a high risk we don't know.


"[The vehicle] was veering from one side to the other because the woman was sitting on the man's lap while he was driving and doing the act, shall we say.

"He couldn't see much because her back was in the way."
Sex while driving is most definitely not to be recommended, although we all know that on occasion it can be hard to make it to the comfort of the bedroom.
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